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Slaves of Greenworld

Dove, a young man without memory, emerges naked and nearly drowned from a creek. Lacking any past or cultural identity, Dove employs his instinct to succeed and survive in any situation. Amid a developing slave revolt, Dove secures comfort and gay sexual intimacy with his slave Raret. As he advances in an outlandish culture, Dove demonstrates an innate ability to overcome problems as he bounds up the rigid social hierarchy of Greenworld, an ability enhanced by his mysterious luck. Webs of treachery tighten around Dove as he and Raret seek a peaceful end to institutionalized slavery and seek to curtail the influence of the overlords who whimsically determine the fates of their fellow mortals. In between finding passionate fulfillment with Raret, Dove acquires titles and properties, forms alliances, and battles the rebelling slaves in order to free them, all the while striving toward the final revelation of his own origins.



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Map of Greenworld

Supplements including a glossary

Note that the Supplements contain spoilers




The Heart's Eternal Desire

In The Heart's Eternal Desire, Seaton French and Dustin Marley strive to hold onto each other and preserve their bond of love against an array of terrifying enemies. Faced with devastating threats, Sea and Dusty struggle to unravel the conspiracy and expose the conspirators. While dire events unfold, shock and terror trigger Dusty’s personality shifts, and Sea must cope with his beloved’s multiple personalities. Dusty and Sea descend through dissociative psychological states as the conspiracies against them grow stranger and appear to make less and less sense. During their attempts to unravel the threads of the conspiracy, the lovers engage in red herring explorations of bizarre religions and secret societies that lure them to faulty assumptions with ominous consequences. In the end, Dusty and Sea discover the appalling source of their problems and learn that they must survive minute by minute in the grip of soul-shuddering conditions they are powerless to change while they seek redemption in the heart’s eternal desire.







The Raptures of Time

After passing through a portal in time and space into the otherworldly Qysteria, Mack Frost and his friends Dean Patel and Sam Ford embark on an odyssey into mortal peril and homoerotic rapture while Mack searches for a way home to Oregon for himself and his friends. Along the way, exotic villagers demand that Mack, Dean, and Sam submit to peculiar sexual customs with addictive pleasures and rapturous consequences. Their encounters range from the hunks of Tungon, to the passive males of Jekor, to the gigantic emasculating dominatrices of Absonia, to the gullible inhabitants of frozen Irkelar. Mack Frost’s adventures include time travelling from Qysteria to totalitarian Westlund (formerly North America) to arriving in wild west Portland, Oregon. As he moves through time and space, Mack grows in paranormal power and immortality. Still, when he does arrive home in Burns, Oregon, alone, naked, and ill, he learns that his life has evolved so that reclaiming his former existence comes at a dreadful cost.



Supplemental information about The Raptures of Time including a map, historical information, and the cast of characters




The Moon's Deep Circle

Tip Trencher is an eighteen-year-old high school senior and captain of his swim team. He lives on an Oregon farm with his evangelical parents and a deep mystery. His long departed brother’s room is always kept locked until the day Tip’s mother forgets her key and Tip discovers that his brother Thad left a series of journals about his initiation into gay pagan rituals. Studying his brother’s journals, Tip recognizes his own suppressed desires, and explores his sexuality with fellow swimmers Lyle and Jeep. Advancing their throbbing intimacy, the trio conceal their sexual bond from their homophobic teammates. As Tip unravels the family mystery while devouring every morsel of gay pleasure, he must resist his rural community’s social prejudices and preserve his perilous relationship with his parents. Only through fierce determination can Tip discover what transpired under the moon’s deep circle.







Kissing Behind the Bathhouse

Kissing Behind the Bathhouse is a gay romantic comedy—and so much more. Readers have said that it is a terrific novel; entertaining, funny, and moving. Wealthy, gay college student, Dave Ankeny just wants to find a topic for his senior thesis so he can graduate in the spring. However, his family and friends have other plans; they think he needs a love life. Therefore, on Dave’s twenty-second birthday, Dave’s father, an overly supportive parent, gives him a membership to a gay bathhouse. Jangling with lust one night, Dave bikes to the bathhouse and meets Chris, the yummiest guy Dave has ever seen. Unfortunately, Chris comes with baggage—a seamy work environment, a powerful homophobic family, and a dark nemesis who soon becomes Dave’s mortal enemy. Loaded with literary situations and literary allusions, bicycle adventures, gay sex, mythological types and anti-types, a loving family, and a cat who is love, Kissing Behind the Bathhouse is a multi-layered and meaningful romp.







Stealing the Mayor's Underpants

When a lonely political staffer combines a perilous gay romance with political skullduggery, he could end up Stealing the Mayor’s Underpants. Mike Dodger wants to elect the first gay mayor of Portland. Mike knows that elections are won through dirty tricks, lies, mudslinging, and out-and-out election fraud. Unfortunately, the candidate Kim Flanders believes in truth, justice, and clean campaigning, so Mike must find ways to mask his nefarious activities. When the incumbent mayor, Justin T. Albee, makes a televised speech mocking his challenger’s homosexuality, Mike responds with every trick in his bag. Then he meets the mayor’s chief-of-staff, a male of eerie beauty, and Mike falls madly in lust. Sadly, Lance Hancock, the object of Mike’s yearnings, has not recognized his own gayness, so Mike is faced with the problems of getting around Kim Flanders’ scruples, tarnishing Albee politically, and seducing Lance.





Perversions of Horror


The stories in Perversions of Horror present a range of ghastly deviances: quirky, sexy, graphic, homoerotic, disturbing, laugh-your-ass-off funny, and sometimes purely disgusting to any decent minded human.

“The Fire Dance of Yog-Sothoth,” "The Old One Returns," and the even more repulsive “In Deep Dendo” turn Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos universe into a homosexual thralldom.

In “The Book of Unbottomed Bliss” and “Punchkin’s Realm,” the characters have a hot and hellish time with bizarre sex toys in the deliriously deviant Kingdom of the Damned.

“Lord Byleth’s Throne” shows the consequences of bargaining your ass with the devil, while “The Devil’s Demand” proves that exchanging presents with the devil might bring gifts that the giver never expected.

“House of Endless Yearning” and “The Fapping Ghosts” prove that masturbating in a haunted room will have ghostly implications—soon you will join them!

In “The Spell” a woman consorts with demons to turn straight men gay, while another demon in “Popo Bawa” demands publicity of the men he penetrates. Gay vampires spin across Haiti in “Bicycle Baka,” and it is a charming gay incubus “Who Rides So Late Through Night and Wind” and brings addictive bliss to college boys.

Three other college boys fall into a demonic trap in “The Summoning,” while heterosexual behaviors are ridiculed and punished in “Found Scribbled on a Roll of Toilet Paper.” Meanwhile, an elderly gay man comes to terms with death and eternity in “Cat’s Dream.”






Homoerotic Tales

Homoerotic Tales are stories of gay sex between or among men. They are explicit, comical, erotic, lascivious, enthralling, lewd, mouth-watering, shameless, scandalous, indecent, dirty, smutty, naughty, ribald, and rude. Reading these tales will not result in blindness, but the author assumes no responsibility for reader responses. His only aim is to tantalize and delight.






  Mutilations of History

 From the ancient near east to the Minoan civilization to the British Empire to the pirate-ridden West Indies to the America of World War II, young men down through history come of age through raptures of homosexual bliss.




Abominations of Science

What happens when the army tests a weapon that turns soldiers gay? What happens when two guys are abducted for use as sex toys across the galaxy? What happens in dystopian futures when men must pleasure others to survive?

Science fiction goes topsy-turvy in these seven stories of other worlds and other times. Our heroes enjoy sizzling gay sex inspired and developed by the abominations of science.

Some of these stories have appeared in other anthologies and collections, now out of print. Others have never seen print form. They present a variety of my science fiction writings. A list of the titles in the collection follow:

“Space Cadet Devilstoe”
“Fitting In”
“Crass-Pa and His Hearties”
“After the Dollar Died”
“Armed Forces College”
“Wolves of the Purple Sky”




Deviations of Fantasy


The stories in Deviations of Fantasy involve homoerotic mythological themes, charmed events, gay witchcraft, enchantments, magical formulas, and life-after-death adventures. These stories are appropriate for adults only, and specifically those adults who appreciate magic combined with sizzling gay sex.

And, yes, the gay sex goes on and on: magical, improbable, and quirky. There come twists and turns including cross-dressing, rampaging demons, Herculean labors, magical underwear, angelic possession, Satanic assistance, an other-worldly mirror, and a rat.


Pretty Witchcrafts

Wand, a bicycling male witch, brings Sandy under his spell. A smoking gay romance ensues, but Wand’s possessive roommate presents a problem. Is there a spell powerful enough to unmake Joe’s adversity, and if so, is the spell too dangerous to use?


Baking the Yule Boar

Kelly comes home for Christmas break just in time to be captured by the Yule imps and through a magic mirror into another world. The imps have plans for Kelly’s body and even bigger ones for his soul.


The Magic Swing

When a homophobic televangelist runs for the U.S. Senate, Dill and his friends must use all their occult equipment and powerful sex magic to change the result.


The Pools of Paradise

After getting run over by a bus, Brandon discovers paradise. Just what does gay heaven have to offer?


By the Shores of Bunny Lake

Following his death on the eve of Easter, an old actor who’d lived his life concealing his homosexuality, comes into an afterlife in which he can enjoy all that he had missed in his mortal flesh.


Auriel, the Cherub

Three gay friends are having a wonderful time until one of them attends a church service and gets possessed by an angel of chastity. Can a powerful Satanist and four helpful demons free Mike from the cherub Auriel’s grasp? What sacrifice must Reggie make to save his friend?


The Yule Goat

Several gay acquaintances from his college invite Alex to spend Yule at their cabin in the mountains. Despite his prophetic dreams, Alex agrees, little knowing what it means to become the Yule goat.


The Third Task

In ancient Greece, Iolaus assists his uncle in a quest to destroy a horrific monster. Iolaus finds his uncle, who just happens to be Heracles, erotically fascinating, and his intent is more about seducing his uncle than slaying a monster.


The Pastry Rat

This final story is a departure because it lacks graphic sexual content although it is suggestive with obvious transvestitism. One critic wrote that “The Pastry Rat” could be best understood by a “Satan worshipper with an advanced degree in English renaissance drama.”






The four books of my female domination/ male emasculation stories are now available on These books are a great addition to any collection, and the prices are reasonable and modest for trade-sized paperbacks today. Many of the stories have been re-edited, re-written in part, and in some cases greatly expanded over previous publications. They’re hot, wild, sexy, and funny—a pure joy to read.

David Holly







Measuring Down

Measuring Down is a collection of fifteen stories of modified gender bending Most of these stories are set in female dominant societies. The stories are all humorous in the way they turn natural feelings topsy-turvy. To a greater or lesser degree, these stories involve the themes of gender role reversals, forced chastity, bondage, exhibitionism, female domination, and submission to or accepting the supremacy of women. Males are subjected to bizarre genital modifications including penis reduction, castration, genital mounding, pussification, or partial transgendering, as well as other forms of degradation and humiliation, including a shift from top to bottom as they accept the mastery of pegging or penetration with strap-on dildoes. These stories resulted from David Holly’s thoughts about the philosophical and psychological nuances of the fear of emasculation, the predatory woman, and enforced male chastity. This led to a consideration of mother domination and the involuntary or compulsory genital modifications: for example, circumcision, as actually practiced by human beings. While our society maintains the pretense that every man wants a larger penis, there seems to be a fascination with them getting smaller (radically smaller) or even disappearing altogether.





You’re on Your Way, Boy

You’re on Your Way, Boy is a collection of stories of gender modification, emasculation, male submission, female domination, females spanking males, cfnm (clothed female, naked male), humiliation, sissification, and pussification. There are testimonials from males who have had their genitals reduced and from the females who reduced them.








The New World Order

Millennia ago, women ruled the Earth and men were their subjects. Over time, a series of long forgotten catastrophes twisted the natural order, and thus the Reign of the Phallus began. Warlike and competitive patriarchal societies overthrew the peaceful societies of the women. Women and children were subjected to the rule of the male, who brought the horrors of rape, child molestation, father/daughter incest, and other fruits of masculinist protection into being. Some time during the shift from female dominance to masculinist protection, a number of brilliant female scientists, philosophers, political theorists, and ethicists left the Earth, travelling to a world beyond out sun to await the Fall of Man. Now these women have returned to reclaim this Earth. Their secret presence among us has changed the thinking of all women on our planet. Whereas many women formerly worshiped and spread themselves before the phallus, their thinking changed with the arrival of the ancients. Around our planet, women have begun to consider ways to emasculate the males in their lives. A Radical Gynocracy sprang up in dim offices until, over time and as their influence developed, they shone forth as the way of the New World Order. These stories describe the results of these primordial women’s covert activity. Without knowledge of Earth’s past, male narrators tell of their forced emasculations and feminizations as they conform to the New World Order.








 What would happen if...

Read about males’ experiences with Minibate. Their tales are comical, shocking, erotic, creepy, satirical, lurid, disturbing, ironic, and bizarre.

Warning: Graphic descriptions of male masturbation, orgasm, and ejaculation.







The National Feminization Project


Emasculate the Masculinist Supremacy! Shrink the Phallic Sovereignty! Castrate the Patriarchy! Such are the slogans and rallying cries of the Radical Gynocracy.

In the stories in this book, women heed the call and subject the males under their control to a variety of conditions and abuses including the following:

Cross Dressing
Mind Control
Porn Addiction
Gender Alteration
Female Domination
Clothed Female, Naked Male
Sexual Slavery
Gender Role Reversal
Forced Homosexuality
Panty Wearing
Chastity Cages
Penis Reduction
Forced Masturbation
Genital Mounding


So why do the males learn to accept their reduced status and even enjoy being dominated? Is there buried in every male’s psyche a primeval urge out of a matriarchal prehistory that compels him to acquiesce to the female’s will, even though submission costs him his manhood? Read and see.







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