The Raptures of Time

A Novel by David Holly


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Notes on The Raptures of Time

(These notes reveal plot elements. Readers who hate "spoilers" should not read these notes until after they have read the novel.)

The Raptures of Time describes a young man’s odyssey through time and space, into mortal peril and homoerotic rapture, as he tries to find a way home for himself and his friends. When he does arrive home, alone, naked, and ill, he learns that he has changed so much that home is not what it was.

In 1935, Alex Larchwood, who is camping out in the mountains with his dog, discovers a cave with long forgotten machinery and opens a portal through time and space. Other mysterious disappearances follow. In 1974, Lonnie Wood passes through the portal in the Florida’s Blue Sink. In 2015, three young Oregon community college students slip through a cave and emerge in the land of Qysteria. Always yearning for home and family, the three travel over Qysteria, enjoying wild sexual adventures in the aboriginal villages and meeting others from earth, including a nemesis from twenty-fifth century Westlund (formerly North America).

Some of the scenes are written in third person, but the main narrative is told by Mack Frost, a community college student from Burns, Oregon, as he describes his stranding on Qysteria and the pounding sexual adventures. Arriving in the capitol city, Mack discovers that he is a significant historical figure based upon actions he has not yet done, and after a night of passionate sex with James Lambert, a twenty-fifth century psychic, he begins to develop an array of paranormal powers. These powers do not all appear at once, but are added over time, and they become increasingly powerful. His powers diminish during his stays on Earth and they dwindle faster the nearer he gets to Burns and his own lifetime there. His powers return immediately when he returns to Qysteria.

In their search for the portal to home, Mack, Dean, and Sam


On his own, Mack’s adventures include




Crack in the Ground, Christmas Valley, Oregon Crack in the Ground, Christmas Valley, Oregon
Crack in the Ground, Christmas Valley, Oregon

Crack in the Ground, Christmas Valley, Oregon

Little Glass Butte

Glass Butte

Map of Qusteria

Map of Qysteria by Kristina Padgett



Obsidian from the Glass Buttes

Obsidian from the Glass Buttes


Mack’s Powers


Mack’s latent powers appear after he has sex with James Lambert. These powers do not all appear at once, but are added over time, and they become increasingly powerful. His powers diminish during his stays on Earth and they dwindle faster the nearer he gets to Burns and his own lifetime there. His powers return immediately when he returns to Qysteria.


He can read minds

He can travel outside of his body

He can heal and reshape his own body

He can heal and reshape the bodies of others

He can wound or kill with mental bolts

He can levitate and fly close to the ground

He does not age


Map of Portland in the 1880's

Portland, Oregon – the metropolis of the Pacific Northwest / C.L. Smith. 1888, population with suburbs, 60,000.
Supplement to “The West Shore,” Portland, Oregon. Copyrighted 1888. Image courtesy Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.





A Five Dollar Bank Note


The five dollar bank note appears in chapter twenty-seven of The Raptures of Time

“Come on, Bill,” I said. “Let’s see whether you bleed red, or just shit yellow.” I was about to add further insults, but Bill was throwing a haymaker at me. I ducked his windmilling arms and tossed a left hook into his chin. I touched him lightly, not enough to hurt my hand, and at the same time I hit him with a mental blast that rendered him unconscious for hours. Bill flopped into the street. A passing team pulling a jaunty little rig nearly ran over his hand.

“You’d better drag Bill’s carcass onto the sidewalk before he gets hurt,” I suggested. “Now hand over my money.”

“That weren’t a fair fight,” the money holder said. “You’ll have to take the five from me.”

“I figured you for a four-flusher and a no-count social excrescence.”

He came at me faster than I’d expected. He clipped me one beside the ear, so I gave him a kidney punch that must’ve hurt like the dickens. Then I gave him a tap on the jaw along with the mental bolt that put him down beside Bill. The five-dollar note was still fluttering in the breeze when I seized it out of the air.

“Are we square now?” I asked.

The rest of Bill’s crowd looked at each other and nodded their heads. I grinned at them, and promised that I’d see them around. As I made my way down the street, I saw a boy selling the morning newspaper.

“Wuxtry. Wuxtry. Read all about it. President Garfield shot in Washington.”

“President Garfield?” I whispered to myself, trying to remember my American history. The second president to be assassinated—after Lincoln. Something told me that I’d arrived way early. I bought a paper and carried it with me into a saloon. There I bought a beer and sat at a table. The newspaper was the Morning Oregonian, and it was dated Monday, July 4, 1881. Stunned by my miscalculation, I sat reading about the attempted assassination of President Garfield two days earlier. The paper told that the doctors were holding out strong hopes for the president’s ultimate recovery, and I remembered that he had lingered for months before finally succumbing to a massive infection, caused by doctors probing with their bare fingers into the wound.


The Morning Oregonian


The Morning Oregonian, July 4, 1881

Click the link above to see a .pdf of the newspaper Mack reads in the saloon







Snow on the Sage

Wagontire Mountain in the Spring

Streets of Burns, Oregon, March 2014

Streets of Burns, Oregon, March 2014

Streets of Burns, Oregon, March 2014







City of Burns, Oregon Frenchglen Mercantile


Frenchglen Hotel







Alex Larchwood            Mack’s name when he lives in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

Clemmie Nell Devine     Mack’s girlfriend in Burns

Wendell Ford                Sam’s father

Grendel Ford                Sam’s mother

Vinkat Giri Patel           Dean’s father

Sarasvati Patel              Dean’s mother

Franklin Frost               Mack’s father

Sorca Frost                   Mack’s mother

Sam                            Samson Ford, a star pitcher on the Robert Burns Community College baseball team and one of Mack’s friends since childhood, Sam-Jekert

Mack                           MacKennel Frost, Maugh of Tungon Village, Mak-Jekert of Jekor, Alex Larchwood, and Kimballe Kixon

Dean                           Giri Dean Patel, an art student at Robert Burns Community College and one of Mack’s friends since childhood, Den-Jekert

Karen Adams                Lake County Sheriff

Burke Halfwolf              Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy

Shaddur                       the head mistress of Tungon Village

Hrogmor                      a man of Tungon Village

Grakler                        a man of Tungon Village

Brutvor                        a man of Tungon Village

Lonnie Wood                a gay scuba diver from 1970’s Florida, Lon-Jekert

Al Long                        Lonnie’s friend and fellow scuba diver

Jack Williams               Lonnie’s friend and fellow scuba diver

Dav-Jekert                   a man of Jekor

Mik-Jekert                   a man of Jekor

Tag-Jekert                   a man of Jekor

Ack-Jekert                   a man of Jekor

Pik-Jekert                    a man of Jekor

Gab-Jekert                   a man of Jekor

Jekor-Deeth                 head woman of the Jekert tribe

Bob-Jekert                   a man of Jekor

Mak-Jekert                  Mack’s name among the Jekert tribe

Lon-Jekert                   Lonnie’s name among the Jekert tribe

Sam-Jekert                  Sam’s name among the Jekert tribe

Den-Jekert                   Dean’s name among the Jekert tribe

Bik-Jekert                   a man of Jekor

Jekor-Lad                    called Led-Jekert after his coming of age celebration

Lig-Jekert                    a man of Jekor

James Lambert             a psychic resident of twenty-fifth century Westlund and Xunrown

Ralph Hugo Wigdom      a government agent in Westlund

Edgar Jason Darnell       a government agent in Westlund

Unthak Keent               Supreme Ruler of Westland, Buster Mutt

Mr. Shockney                professional gambler in Westlund

Ms. Dewberry Cozad      a professional pool hustler in Westlund

Tormender                   Leader of the Vobtnur

Kimballe Kixon             Mack’s name when he lives in the twenty-third through twenty-fifth centuries

Buster Mutt                  Baudilio Murga Mosca is a villainous guard and amateur sorcerer

Willan Gattes               founder of a fake psychic net and sports gambling emporium in twenty-fifth century Westlund

Geron Sibyllam             the son of Tyche

Tyche Sibyllam              Val Gilley’s name on Qysteria

Val Gilley                     Tyche Sibyllam’s name in twenty-fifth century Westlund

Micah Norton                twenty-third century Westlund traffic cop

Queen Drapena             Castratorex XXVI, Monarch of the Absonians

Manii                          an Absonian male

Kalee                          an Absonian male

Fitaa                           a male helper in the Absonian library

Pedina                         an Absonian woman whom Mack fellatiates

Drinkina                      an Absonian woman who sodomizes Mack

Skipper Doat                the boatman who sails to Absonia, but will not land on the beach

Doat’s Boy                   Skipper Doat’s first mate

Trickina                      Owner of the Absonian tattoo parlor

Bill Fenner                   a bully who challenges Mack in 1881 Portland

Alonzo Chase                a professional card sharp in 1881 Portland

Bronson Wilder             Mack’s lover from 1882 until 1895

Nurse Hutton                a nurse at Harney District Hospital

Reverend Fowler           a homophobic fundamentalist preacher

Doctor Lipking              a physician with Oregon Emergency Services

Sheriff Bayley               Harney County sheriff

Kirk Bogger                  Police Chief of Burns and Hines

Tom Hardman              an orderly at Harney District Hospital with whom Mack has a passionate affair

Pastor Nehru                pastor of the Foursquare Church Dean’s family attends

Father Birdie O’Bronty   the priest of the small Roman Catholic church Sam’s family attends

Judge Ricker                the judge at Mack’s murder trial

Albert Parker                Mack’s defense attorney

Roscoe Ricker               Nicknamed Slick, he is both the prosecutor at Mack’s murder trial and the son of the judge

Dwekold                      an Irkelarean boy

Bongyud                      King Bongyud of the Irkelareans

Dunbold                       an Irkelarean man reduced by his wife

Istame                         an Irkelarean woman on trial for shrinking her husband’s genitals




Burns, Oregon                  Burns consisted of a hotel, a saloon, and a barber-shop in the early 1880s. George McGowan, who owned the general store, named the town after the Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Christmas Valley, Oregon   Christmas Valley is an unincorporated community in Lake County, Oregon, United States. The community was named after nearby Christmas Lake named after the cattleman pioneer Peter Christman, usually dry, east of the present townsite and the site of the former Lake post office, which ran from 1906 until 1943. Real estate development around a planned community by M. Penn Phillips, called Christmas Valley, started after World War II. Christmas Valley post office was established in 1963 as a rural station of Silver Lake.

Portland, Oregon              tn 1881, Portland is still a frontier city, partly German speaking, and growing economically.

Qysteria                          the world on the other side of the Larchwood Portals

Tungon Village                 the village where Mack and his friends take refuge upon their arrival in Qysteria. The adventures in Tongon are oral and masturbatory

Jekor                              the village of the Jekert. In Jekor, the Jekert males take it up the ass.

Vobtnur                           a cave found in a wall of obsidian

Westlund                         formerly North America

Pool of Daiche                  a beautiful pond filled with aquatic creatures with the power to modify the male body. Like the pool in Palm Harbor, Florida, it has an underwater Larchwood Portal

Xunrown                          Capitol city of Qysteria

Absonia                           the island of the Absonians

Absoun                            Capitol village of Absonia

Irkelar                            A land in the frozen, mountainous north of Qysteria. There are two continents, the larger being Greater Irkelar and the smaller being Lesser Irkelar. The inhabitants are known as Irkelareans.

Larchwood Portals             The Gap in the Air and other inter-dimensional portals such as the one at the Blue Sink and the one near Crack in the Ground.

Harney County                  Harney County (Pop. 7600) is frontier country, covering 10,000 square miles.

Frenchglen                       Population: 12—close to Steens Mountain and Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Frenchglen is an unincorporated community sixty miles south of Burns.

Blue Sink                         Blue Sink of Palm Harbor Florida was once a popular swimming hole. Those who grew up there remember being able to go swimming in Blue Sink back in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. The sink hole is 190 feet deep and the kids used to swim and dive down there. Large Live Oak trees at the water’s edge provided a place to hang a swing and the limbs were great diving platforms. During the 1980’s the property was developed, homes were built (the Hidden Lake Community was established) and the property around Blue Sink was purchased. This property consists of just under three acres of land with the fabulous Blue Sink in the middle. A home was built, fences erected, and that was the end of the kids being able to swim in the sink hole. To this day, the owner does not permit people to use, visit, view, or even photograph the sink.




Tilly                           a twenty-third century undergarment

Stickoo                       a shape conforming outer garment worn by all genders of the twenty-third century

Skant                         thongs worn by prostitutes and others in Xunrown

Moldis                        weapons that disassociate molecules from each other

Auxto                         A flying car with partial neutralization of gravity and inertia

Regi                          A form of automated air traffic control, supposedly infallible

Keefh                         A native wine with narcotic properties

Pholk, pholked, or pholking Pegging. The process of a female inserting a strap-on dildo into a male’s anus

Dukor                         Any male not born in Jekor

Tungonese                  The language of Tungon Village

Jekrish                       The language of the Jekert

Qystrian                     The most common language group of Qysteria

Kanga                        Shorter than the African cloth wrap, the Qysterian kanga is an abbreviated  skirt or loincloth, similar to a lap-lap or a sarong—worn by both genders in Xunrown.




Register the Sixth       a black and white Landseer Newfoundland dog

Gurend                     about the size of a Volkswagen, with soft white fur, hideous clawed feet, spines down its back, red eyes, and tusks.

Hydra                        three headed river dwellers

Rollid                         a dangerous animal

Nammou Jum-Jum     tree dwelling creatures with poisonous excretions

Rooaa                          the size of large mules they have white stripes on their yellow fur. They are used to pull wagons and other vehicles.

Lokee                         a rooaa



Time Line


1881   Mack Frost arrives in Portland, Oregon, arriving on Earth for the third time, and assumes the name Alex Larchwood

1935   Alex (Mack) opens the gap in the air (the growing Larchwood Portal and its smaller openings scattered around the worlds).

1974   Lonnie Wood passes through the Larchwood Portal in the Blue Sink

1997   Mack, Dean, and Sam are born in Burns, Oregon

2015   Mack, Dean, and Sam pass through the Lake County Larchwood Portal

2021   Mack arrives in Burns, Oregon, reaching Earth and home for the fourth time

2022   Mack departs from Burns and from the Earth for the fourth and final time

2271   Mack arrives in Westlund (formerly North America) for his second trip to Earth and assumes the name Kimballe Kixon

2398   James Lambert is born in Westlund

2428   Mack arrives in Westlund for the first time back on Earth and leaps through the Gap in the Air

2428   James Lambert, Buster Mutt, and Val Gilley pass through the Gap in the Air



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